Daily Prudence

Being prudent is not a complicated endeavor, nor should it be. We ought to live our lives virtuously to produce the best possible outcomes for ourselves, our family, our friends, and those around us.

Here are common practical prudent things we can all do in our daily lives.

1 – always look both ways before crossing the street
2 – always accept and tell the truth – honesty is the best policy – be sure to accept the truth as well
3 – always save money for the future and for emergencies
4 – create a budget and live within your means
5 – always be accountable to yourself and to others – be responsible and focus on doing the right thing
6 – always think like God – think virtuous, ethical, and moral thoughts – the proper thinking will directly work to produce the right behaviors and words
7 – set realistic personal goals, and create a plan to achieve these goals
8 – treat others as you would want to be treated – never exploit anyone
9 – always think before you speak or write emails – know how to think properly (rationally/logically)
10 – always be a strong positive example for your children – invest in their lives
11 – always plan and work on arriving at your destination ahead of time, this way if you fail at least you could still arrive on time
12 – obey the law and think of smart/wise improvements that can be made
13 – use your time, talents, skills, and gifts wisely and responsibly
14 – read and learn something new every day – for example read a thesaurus to expand your vocabulary
15 – choose your friends carefully
16 – learn from your mistakes
17 – don’t give a man a fish, rather teach him how to fish

If you have any prudent ideas or advice not covered here that you want to post on this blog please email them to me so I can review them.

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