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Mission Statement: To continually be morally excellent by living prudently and by incorporating all of the virtues into our daily lives.

Hello and welcome to my be morally excellent and prudent blog. My name is Manuel Balian and I created and dedicated this blog to living a morally excellent life by living a prudent and virtuous life. At minimum to this end, I invite everyone to be educated and informed; raise awareness, take the proper actions in your daily life, and post articles and essays on this subject here on my blog. It is our salient responsibility to live a morally excellent life by living a prudent and virtuous life. Additionally, I strongly believe we must always champion biblical righteousness throughout our lives and that this is our permanent primary moral duty as well. Hence, it is incumbent upon us to not just know the good, but do the good.

Regardless of life’s circumstances, we are always morally obligated to be and live prudently and virtuously. It can be said, he who lives prudently, lives well.

Living a morally excellent life entails not just having the right knowledge, but actually using it to make a positive impact on ourselves and others, while guiding us in our daily lives.

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